/burn-out is real, the comeback and a new album!


Been a month since we last updated on LilyPop. Fortunately, we're still ALIVE!

"How long have we been in this tunnel? Where is the light?"

As a team of two, we have to cover pretty much many tasks to make sure LilyPop grows at full potential. However, after a long and tiresome run, our programmer shows the signs of exhaustion. We sat down and discussed, then agreed to step back a little, took a true break to escape the reality. Of course, there was miscommunication and worries, and stress, but as we went through it, it seemed like we could see the dimming light somewhere again. Ahead, we slowly move!

"When we encounter a boulder, the only way to move forward is to SMASH it! ... Or we can go around!"

Being said, our programmer encountered a problem that sort of shadowed his vision. He was on his way to optimize the loading-asset-system of the game, to make sure LilyPop wouldn't cost too much RAM being quite a delicate game. He KNEW how to do it, but he also failed to recognize his ability. Therefore, he fell ... 

"All we needed to do is to talk it out!"

Part of Daniel's (our programmer) struggle, is that he doesn't have one to understand what he was truly doing. Meaning, if there was another programmer in the team, Daniel would easily communicate his struggles, so that he could feel confident, to solve them, and be able to move them forward. But this isn't the end of the world! After explaining what's his plans for the "Loading-Asset-Feature" to a listener like me, he got a different perspective on the problem. He has always had the solution, but he was just blind-sided! Turns out, listening and doing a bit of research solve the obstacle pretty well! I feel like, he needed resolve and confidence, more than anything ... :) 

LOADING ASSETS FOR A SPECIFIC SCENE, RATHER THAN LOADING ALL OF THE ASSETS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME... is Daniel's current mission. He wants to make sure that, by dividing the loading-assets job into parts and call them at necessary times,  it will enhance the performance of the game. Hence, will bring a better experience to our future audience. 

"Loading View", or "Loading Scene" a class is currently being worked on!

"Loading View", or "Loading Scene" a class is currently being worked on!

Swoosh swoosh, and now it comes the BANG BANG news!

We finished uploading our first mini-album to music stores/streams. It's called "LilyPop: Rainbow", following the theme of the first chapter of the game. Below is the link to the album streaming on Spotify, my favorite and trusted streaming service: 

WOOF, WOOF, seems like that's all we need to catch up to whomever following and reading our updates. Stay tune for more updates, and wish us best strength and energy, to rush for the finish line!

Big fat heart, Rep. of LilyPop,

Dinh Nam. 

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