/update: Animation, animation and animation!

Hello, LilyPop is back!
This week we mainly focused on visual updates with creating some simple animations for different elements of the game. Let's go through them together! Oh. and above is our newest music video, a track from Level 5. Dive into the pain of the bloody moon, dear audience ;)

A. Bubbles dissapearing animation.

The breaking bubbles now get some animations to make them more lively and we want to blow a fresh breathe to our beloved bubble-shooters! Check them out. 

rainbow breaks
clay burns

B. Background Animation

As we all have that vision in our minds, these sophistcated-designed backgrounds should get moving, and yes, now they are finally animated. A little sneak peek!

blink blink
spit the juice, twist and turn

C. Reading room.
We are testing and playing around with different visual approach to the reading room, to bring a feel to players who really care about the story of LilyPop. We want to create an atmosphere that set the mood for the players, that they can feel comfortable to fully engage in the short but dramatic novel, after they work hard on unlocking every levels at gold stars. A quick concept here.

D. Loading Packs of Textures

Other than that, what can not be seen but still being developed is the optimization of how the game load different packages of textures, to enhance the smoothness of the game as well as reducing the amount of RAM usage every time LilyPop loads. 

That's it for this week, hopefully next week we can all bring these cool visual updates to the game, after the "Loading Textures Pack-by-Pack" feature is done. We still work hard, and very much love to have support from you guys. Say hey if you're interested in our game.

Big fat heart <3.
Rep. of LilyPop, Nam. 

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